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Art Web Sites
Picturing America
Art Generators
Adobe Digital School Collection Resources
ArtsEdge: The Kennedy Center for the Arts
Flickr Creative Commons
The Incredible Art Department
Open ClipArt
360 Cities - World Panoramic Views
Fine Arts links on iTunes U
Cybrary Man's Art Resources
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Middle School Arts and Crafts
  • Art Junction
  • Drawing: How to Draw- Several drawing tutorials.
  • Deviant Art- World’s largest online community of artists and art lovers.
  • Digital Storytelling Resources and Ideas Wiki- Find several ideas for claymation, stop motion, and other films.
  • 40 Writing, Music, and Art Resources
  • Animata- Free software for editing and creating brilliant animation films.
  • Dismantling the Bomb- Great interactive website that explores the fine line between art and graffit.
  • Onemotion- Sketch and paint on a canvas with many tools, play games, or make music on the drum machine.
  • Odosketch- Fantastic and easy tool for students to create detailed sketches. For more information see David Kapular’s post.
  • Slimber- Draw on this canvas, choose the background color and the dimensions. The best drawings are featured on the front of the website so gives the students some incentives.
  • Artpad- Similar to Canvastic where students paint and can playback. However, you can select frames and this has a nicer look. Also has an iPad app.
  • Canvastic- An easy tool for students to paint. Students are able to playback how they painted their masterpiece.
  • Rate My Drawing- Nice chat and collaborative drawing feature. You can also draw on a sketch pad which is animated. Huge community of artists that share their work.
  • Guess A Sketch- Draw online and others try to guess what it is! Great collaborative online game and has an iPhone app (the app costs $1.99).
  • Artsonia- Kids can display and sell their art on this online museum.
  • Playful Learning Experiences- This wonderful site provides you with many activities in writing and arts and crafts!
  • Artopia- Teachers can create art galleries of students work. See Kelly Tenkely’s post for classroom application ideas.
  • Sketchcast- Students can draw in several different colors, add text, narrate the drawing, and embed it into a wiki or blog.
  • Doink- Students create free animation videos.
  • VoiceDraw- Draw with the sound of your voice. A high voice goes one direction while a medium voice creates a straight line. It’s in beta and a bit tricky but a fun experiment.
  • Art, Drawing and Art Educational Freeware- Whatever your students want to do artistically you can find a free tool on this website!
  • Best Art sites for Learning English- Larry Ferlazzo provides you with many tools and explains why they made his best list.